Quick Setup. Fast Earning:
Quick Setup. Fast Earning:

How To Start Your Own Turo Business In The Next 7 Days That Generates Up To $3k-$7k Passively

(Without Any Previous Experience!)

There Has Never Been A Better Time (Or Way) To Get Into Business

The pandemic was an eye-opening experience.
It put our perspective on what’s important in life under the microscope like NEVER before.

The two biggest findings?

Just how important BOTH time with our loved ones is AND our independent financial security.

Working the 9-5 provides you with NEITHER.

You work all hours under the sun for your salary, chained to your desk, and for what?
The carpet to be pulled from under your feet without a moment’s notice.

In the blink of an eye, you’ve lost your income source AND all that precious time that could have been invested in your family.

Before, you could be convinced that wasn’t the case, but the pandemic proved EVERYONE wrong…
From your boss to your organization to society as a whole.

The good news is, you’ve gained the most powerful thing of all over this pandemic:

You know now, something needs to change in your life.

The question is, WHAT and HOW…

Luckily for you, I have the answer, and I’m about to put it on a plate for you!

The Airbnb Of The Car World Is Here & It’s There For Anybody To Benefit From

Airbnb burst onto the scene and blew the way we vacationed out of the water.

It changed the game.

Hotels were left out in the cold.

The people who were fortunate enough to have properties have benefited from its genius (and ever-increasing popularity) ever since.

But, that was the problem…

You had to own a property to get a piece of the Airbnb pie.

It shut down the insane, easy earning opportunity for a huge chunk of people who didn’t have access to such a big asset.

The risk was too high, even though the rewards were almost guaranteed.

Now, there’s a new venture on the block - a bit like AirBnB’s younger sibling - that’s accessible to just about everybody!

It’s the same concept:

Someone uses an app on their phone to rent out something from you…

But instead of houses, it’s CARS!

100% more accessible.
100% more achievable!

Turo is an app and concept taking the internet by storm, and it’s opened up a whole new income stream for just about ANYBODY.

I’ve done the trial and error, so you don’t have to…

...and I’m ready to shortcut your success and help you create a $5,000-$10,000/Month passive income stream.

Hi, I’m Chris Bruce!

I’ve been an entrepreneur for 12-years now.

My main focus has always been Real Estate, having done over 400 deals and mentored hundreds of people on how to do the same.

However, last year during the pandemic, I hit a wall.

I wanted to scale my business without adding big overheads to my operations.

Something virtually impossible in Real Estate.

So, I looked outside of the industry in the direction of passive income.

I saw one of my good friends was making serious money moves in the car rental business…

...but not as we know it!

You think of Car Rental, and an instant image of a gas station with a ton of cars parked out front comes to mind, right?

That’s a whole host of overheads you’ve got to think about, let alone be able to afford and manage.

But, this was different.

No premises.
No overheads.
No staffing costs.

He wasn’t even using his own cars.
My buddy was using this app called Turo and some genius (100% legal) no-money-down ways to add cars to his fleet.

One car on average generated him $800/week.

The more cars he had, the more money he made - it was simple.

You didn’t need any kind of crazy experience because the app takes care of getting leads, the booking system, the T&Cs… everything!
So, I copied him.

I started with Turo, got 5 cars at lightning-quick speed, and generated $1,526 in my first week.

Bookings came in thick and fast, and before I knew it, I was earning $6,000.00+/month by doing… pretty much nothing.

The customer covers the gas.

The cleaning costs are MINIMAL.

The insurance is covered by the Turo app and the individual drivers.

After I’d ironed out the teething problems of turning Turo into a full-blown, scalable business model (because it’s all SO new)…

I knew I could help shorten other people’s learning curves and supersize their results.

Real People. Unreal Results:

Rafael Rodriguez - 1 Jeep

Brandon Bruce - 2 Cars

Luis Polanco - 1 Car

Jeff Henry - 7 Cars


The Rental Car Cash Flow Course

My cutting-edge video course is just as easy to understand as it is to implement.

It walks you through everything you could need from A-Z to start your own Car Rental Business in the next 7-days without using your own money or car.
  • What Is Turo
  • Comparing SFH Rental To Turo Rental
  • Get Rid Of Your Car Payment
  • ​Buying A Extra Car To Cash Flow
  • ​Which Cars Cash Flow The Best (Market Research)
  • Economy Cars Vs. Premium Cars
  • ​Best Way To Finance A Car (Tips)
  • Credit Unions Vs. Banks
  • How To Purchase Multiple Cars In 1 Week
  • ​Adding A GPS Tracker On Your Car
  • Setting Up Your Turo Account
  • How To List Your Vehicle
  • Taking Photos Of Your Vehicle To Stand Out
  • ​Pricing Your Vehicle
  • ​Tips To Increase Your Bookings
  • ​Manage Your Bookings
  • Screening Your Guest
  • ​In-Person Check In’s
  • How To Do Contactless Check In’s
  • ​Check Out Process
  • How To Increase Revenue With These Extras
  • Handling Cancellations
  • What Insurance Plan Should You Choose
  • ​How To Handle Accidents Or Damages
  • Handling Parking Tickets, Towing Costs
  • Getting 5 Star Reviews
  • ​Becoming A All-Star Host
  • Rental Income Tracking Sheet
  • Maintenance Upkeep On Vehicles
  • ​Uber Of Car Mechanics For Maintenance
  • ​Mobile Car Detailers App
  • How To Automate Messages To Turo Guests

Plus, When You Enroll Today, You’ll Unlock A Very Special Bonus For FREE…

Exclusive Bonus

Credit Builders University Training

 Value $597.00

Imagine being able to add even more cars to your Turo fleet by not just improving your credit but capitalizing on it too?

Credit Builders University goes further than helping you increase your personal credit score...
It shows you how to take full advantage of your stronger credit position through gaining access to certain credit cards and leverage reward points and cashback.

You will walk away with everything you need to know to leverage credit in your favor (for once and forevermore!)

This is for anybody who’s sick of the shackles of poor credit weighing them down…

...and is ready to build a full-blown Car Rental Business that has NO LIMITS! 
AND You Can See If The Car Rental Business Model Is For You Risk-Free With A 7-Day Full Money Back Guarantee On The Course!

ALL At A Very Special Price!
Get Access For Only $497!

The Rental Car Cash Flow course is one of the first of its kind on a brand new business model set to take the world by storm.

You’re getting first access to information that people will pay $$$’s for later down the line.
Soon, the Rental Car Cash Flow course will fully launch.

The price will go up with it, and there are no guarantees the Credit Builders University bonus will be included.

However, for a limited time, anyone on this page is automatically entitled to a HUGE 60% EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT, complete with the $597.00 BONUS!

That means today…

you can get EVERYTHING for Only $497 ALL IN!


Do I Have To Rent Out My Personal Car?
No you don't have to rent out your personal car. We've had some people do this just to cover their car payment or to pay down their bills. But we also teach you how to go get additional cars, whether you go finance them, or partner with someone who has a car sitting in their garage collecting dust and do a Joint Venture rental.
How quickly can I be up and running?
That's the beauty of this business. Once you get this training and implement everything you'll be able to start earning money in the very same week. This is the simplest and easiest way to make passive money today. Many people start earning upwards of $500 their very first week!
Do I need a special car insurance to do this?
No the good thing is that Turo provides a $750,000 liability insurance through Liberty Mutual for all hosts and renters. So you get to choose the coverage you want for your renters to make sure if any accidents occur you are all covered for any damages. 
Why Turo Instead of Rental places like Avis?
With the Pandemic the whole car rental industry sold out most of their inventory. People are traveling yet there are no cars for people to rent. With predictions of the industry taking 18 months to cover. You can take advantage of this goldmine right now!

Get Your Access Now!

The Rental Car Cash Flow Course (Value: $997.00)
Credit Builders University Training (Value $597.00)

Total Value: $1,594.00

Price Today: $497

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